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STATION ID: Do or do not, but STFU

Instagram: http://ift.tt/2HK4Pbd New blog posts on Fwacata.com today. Did this a while back and the one thing I enjoyed is people saying I’m not that big anymore. So I guess the 90% vegan thing is working… in some way. I didn’t post on Sunday, April 1 because A. I was really busy getting stuff together

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SKETCHBOOK: Psycho Titties

I remember in college there was a girl, (isn’t that always the story?)  and she was kind of cool and all that, but supposedly in a relationship she was a FUCKING PSYCHO. Like burn the house down with you in it kind of psycho, okay? This isn’t just texting every 10 minutes psycho-lite, now with less

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COMICS, MAN: The Bouletcorp » Darkness

The Bouletcorp » Darkness. One of the funniest comics I’ve read in awhile and overall, so well drawn and put together. WOW. I’m an instant fan I had to post it on here and show people. Wow. COMICS, MAN is where I post and tlak about, well, COMICS, maaaaan.