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STATION ID: The Underpants​ Gnomes had it right

Late, but then again, right on time? At times when it comes to all the BRILLIANT ideas that come into the contraption thats called my mind, I recall the old gag of the Underpants Gnomes from South Park, basically, the reason WHY these Gnomes stole underwear from people: Looking at my little PLan of Action/Illiterate Hostage [...]

STATION ID: watching a storm roll in. Hopefully this is not symbolism. Because I am the storm.

Instagram: Sitting at the dentist office finally getting my wisdom tooth looked at, while watching a storm roll in. Hopefully this is not symbolism. Because I am the storm. Have been busy all weekend finishing Tommy issue 4 or Volume 2 issue 1 or Suzy 1 or whatever the fuck we are deciding. I [...]

THICK OF THINGS – August, The sun is still on, and I can take a punch. (Take the HIT no. 4)

I hate the term "I can take a punch" It means you're such an asshole, that you A. Been punched a shit ton of times to know that and B. You're a fucking twat who can't duck. But it does connote that odd situation of being in a fight and getting decked hard as fuck and somehow, [...]

TAKE THE HIT no.3 : This is the beat, move your ass

Ah, so many people are bitching and moaning about the Year already starting and the holidays are over, and that they miss 2014, and if not, how 2015 will be different, after they have waffles, and.... SHUT UP. Time to get back to work.  I know it sounds... asshole-ish. But there is something about the [...]

TAKE THE HIT no.2 : MERRY SOLSTICE and all that crap

Even though everything is supposed to be slow and laid back I'm still hard at work at my desks, trying this and trying that, hoping for new Year, and to get back to the relevance of THE WORK. It's not "BAH HUMBUG" more like "Do you have anything else to do that doesn't cost MONEY?!?" Miami [...]