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  • SKETCHBOOK: Markers sketch and Dwarven Pariah

    For those of you who remember 2nd Edition AD&D, the handbooks were some of the awesome bits of creative kindling you could read at the time. Between the bits about the cultures and the ways of certain races in D&D, it was also the concepts that seemed to sprout from reading them, I loved the…

  • SKETCHBOOK: Wand Smoke

    Deadwood meets Lord Of the Rings idea I had. Cheesy but fun, no?  

  • SKETCHBOOK: SEAHORSE or better Hippocampus abdominalis Man

    At one time a sea-faring superhero equivalent for Aquaman in the Pages of VIGIL (mentioned as part of the FLJ) it was originally modelled after some Aquatic races from an old 2nd Edition D&D campaign idea I had, mentioned here, and were possible model for a half-giant aquatic race. This of course came from the fun…

  • SKETCHBOOK: Phishnicians

    A sketch of some OLD ideas from an OLD D&D campaign, made up of character races that were aquatic. First were the Phishnicians, who would be the most common for the game, able to go on land, breathe air, speak common, and bonuses would be the most minimal. WHY? I think it would be interesting…

  • SKETCHBOOK: Brrrrrooooooooding….

    Bro! Quitate la cara esta! Typical brooding hero guy with Scar on his face…. want to slap him with my dick.  

  • SKETCHBOOK: The City of Borel – Harbor

    Had the idea a while back to have an exchange harbor, where the player-characters could hang around in, surrounded by various nationalities and species, while both airships and boats form all around come in and out. Old Magic, new Sorceries, Fringe Sciences, and Odd Cultures combining in one place.