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I thought this was the other side…

"Every nation gets the government it deserves."-Joseph de Maistre


PODCAST: DANCING IN THE ABYSS and other useful skills

Sick as hell but here's some awesomeness of heaviness from last week. Late as fuck, but super fun. Enjoy! :::koff::



Full clip on YouTube!Thanks to everyone who came out, more hopefully next week...


2019 Of Creative Pursuits and things of that nature …

HAPPY 2019! Back at it again in 2019 with the new year new ideas here to inspire and get you guys moving and have you accomplish your creative dreams take a listen and let me know if you need more. For a comic book artist, comedians, designers, any type of creative! Check out the podcast… Continue reading 2019 Of Creative Pursuits and things of that nature …


STATION ID: The Underpants​ Gnomes had it right

Late, but then again, right on time? At times when it comes to all the BRILLIANT ideas that come into the contraption thats called my mind, I recall the old gag of the Underpants Gnomes from South Park, basically, the reason WHY these Gnomes stole underwear from people: Looking at my little PLan of Action/Illiterate Hostage… Continue reading STATION ID: The Underpants​ Gnomes had it right


STATION ID: working man woes

Back in the Workforce and I noticed… I recently went back to working. yeah I still have the comic shop and publishing company but that still doesn’t give enough to live on in Miami, plus the plan is great to work at AND has some amazing benefits and such. I dig it big time. But… Continue reading STATION ID: working man woes