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Concept: The Quixotic Owl Bear Bros.

Since I already posted about Finster yesterday, I decided to just put up the idea behind the ©OWLBEAR BROTHERS on here for people to pursue. Fantasy Comic Concept I was working on of mutated Owlbears, small in stature, but trained in different ways by a Wizard who live a rather peaceful life until the day the Wizard… Continue reading Concept: The Quixotic Owl Bear Bros.

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Working title for a project i was working on. Sort of a Latin version Harry Potter, (like you couldn't guess0 meat to be a type of Satire and such but it really never went passed some dick and fart jokes.  

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…And you will know us by our trail of Nerds…

+ Nerd Chic and it's slow involvement with all things now: Mr. Cho, who has sprinkled his living space with action figures and anime creations, is one of a growing number of Canadians who view Spiderman and Transformer toys as acceptable accents to their home decor. "We've always idolized art in some way: now it's… Continue reading …And you will know us by our trail of Nerds…