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Instagram: #SKETCHCARD Commissions are open! Currently working on #motu #heman #mastersoftheuniverse cards completely custom! Want one? Hit me up! I'll be at #paradisecitycomiccon this weekend taking commissions of all types! #adam #hemanandthemastersoftheuniverse #castlegrayskull #skeletor #mattel #sword #ihavethepower #bythepowerofgreyskull

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SKETCHBOOK: Skeletor, Happiest Goth on Earth, Wolverine

Skeletor, Happiest Goth on Earth, Wolverine; I think I was trying out a new pen or something....  

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Coño!: Giant Skeletor Action Figure Replica, HOLY SHIT

via Guy Masters Universe, Builds Giant Skeletor Action Figure Replica. Chris from LIVIDTEES was talking about GIANT SKELETOR and I have to admit, my brain choked seeing this. FUCKING GORGEOUS! It's amazing. I'm not materialist by too much but this, THIS?!?! I've seen images of a He-man being built, and can't help but think about doing a FISTO… Continue reading Coño!: Giant Skeletor Action Figure Replica, HOLY SHIT