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This is Big Bam Betty, a superhero in VIGIL I was planning for late,r who can generate kinetic energy and mass as she moves, with the power being centered in her tits…. YEAH I KNOW IT”S FUCKING IMMATURE AS HELL, but I couldn’t help but draw and laugh as I did it.   


this was OS, a character for VIGIL that never came around. He was supposed to be a living Server, connected mentally through telepathic Wi-FI to computer. This was in 2002 or so when I came up with subject, so now it seems almost passe for the concept, but i did like idea of a guy just walking around

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He was a Hero, A Prince, and Now…

I have a secret admiration for Fan Fiction. And I’m not talking about Starscream and JAZZ torrid moaning for a boning, no, but cool realizations and visualizations of characters, real Doujinshi sort of stuff. This is a sketch that is part He-man, part Game of Thrones, which I just finished reading. Incredible book. The beginning

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