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One thing I kept in combining both K&K and Dragonsbreath was that the Kuriouser would be brothers, and both would be inventors/artificers but in their own way. Surprisingly they became MORE Steampunkish, in the silly superficial way in a fantasy world than in  their own. Believe this started the train of thought of breaking it

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You may have seen many of my post on a Steampunk story I’m working on called Kuriouser & Kuriouser before, but it’s historically based and has proven to be a pain in the ass, writing wise. I found out the hard way,  if you’re going to write speculative alternate history stuff, you need the facts and

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SKETCHBOOK: Olin Levi Warner, Bronze 1897

Olin Levi Warner, Bronze 1897, J.Alden Weir I forget what museum this was. Shit. John Singer Sargent though rings a bell…. but  I don’t know if it was New York or Chicago. Thinking Chicago. Hurm.  

SKETCHBOOK: The power of Invulnerability

Here is a sketch of Miron, a villain from my long gone Webcomic, VIGIL, from some time ago. I liked him because basically it was the Hulk with brains  someone just possessing Invulnerability and Super strength ( which you could argue goes hand in hand) but using his wits with them, not just brutal power, but finesse. Imagine someone who has the strength of a

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