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SKETCHBOOK: Get well card i made for an idiot friend….

A Get Well card I made for an idiot friend who fell off a ladder last year putting up Christmas Lights and shattering his heel bone. UGH. Related articles Lights! Lights! (hellogloua.com) Christmas lights (freshkittylitter.wordpress.com) Christmas lighting at PS (sickromantic.wordpress.com)  

SKETCHBOOK: Gloomy Gus over here…

 I don’t remember if this was from a photo or just messing with Lithographic crayons again, but this was drawing with different material on gesso, and seeing how it reacted. Like the red is a DESIGN ART MARKER I drew with and it soaked the marker in a way that was pretty cool. I’m also

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SKETCHBOOK: Sandor Clegane

The Hound, concept sketch as I read the books ( before the show) originally had him be big and bald, but it seemed to barren and decided on the look of hair. Not too close to what HBO’s Game of Thrones had no? Originally it was just paint streak but saw the face in there and

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