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SKETCHBOOK: The power of Invulnerability

Here is a sketch of Miron, a villain from my long gone Webcomic, VIGIL, from some time ago. I liked him because basically it was the Hulk with brains  someone just possessing Invulnerability and Super strength ( which you could argue goes hand in hand) but using his wits with them, not just brutal power, but finesse. Imagine someone who has the strength of a

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SKETCHBOOK: Miron whooping more ass

Again, more Miron sketches moving about, how he could clear the room using his abilities,  and trying to capture the precision and the power…

LUNCH TIME: Comi Books Great, Jim Lee

These videos were making the round on tumblr, and I was just fascinated by it, because 1.) they still holds up especially the basics and 2.) JIM LEE CAN FUCKING DRAW SO years later and it still holds up!


this was OS, a character for VIGIL that never came around. He was supposed to be a living Server, connected mentally through telepathic Wi-FI to computer. This was in 2002 or so when I came up with subject, so now it seems almost passe for the concept, but i did like idea of a guy just walking around

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