INKTOBER DAY 12 : DRAGON As I’m catching up on some work due to freelance I’m putting these out now! Oy vey! DRAGON. There is so many ways to go with this and decided to just go with what came to mind. I could fill several sketchbook about images of dragons but do subscribe to [...]

INKTOBER 2019 – Day 11 – SNOW

Man this theme was kicking my ass all day until I just let go and went with what I saw in my head: an Inuit hunter, in a snow storm tracking his kill but lost in the frozen white around him so much that the hunter doesn't see himself getting hunted... fun! Tomorrow: DRAGON OH [...]


So I started drawing this while watching this documentary on D&D art and fucking forget it, that made me go over the edge on this piece which was supposed to more simple. But again delving into the Dragonbreath world I made showing TORA ripping into a ghoul to defend Ridlee for the theme SWING. I [...]


So today was HUSKY... and all I could think of was being a fat little kid and my mom buying me fat boy corduroy jeans. I think no one wants that So I drew a mutant husky instead. Because.... that so much better. NEXT UP: ENCHANTED


Today theme: BUILD My hand hurt from how much crosshatching there was to develop the light from the welding arc. But it was worth it. I may clean this up a bit later but my main thing is to show this lone mad scientist, welding away on his death bot GARGANT. (Character for VIGIL) Here [...]


I was trying to think is some cool funny thing to draw for the theme but... brush hit paper and Batman's cold nemesis Mr.Freeze just showed up so I ran with it. Get wash made from mixing a white and black ink to get solid-ish gray I've been using. NEXT UP: BUILD