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INKTOBER 2019 – Day 11 – SNOW

Man this theme was kicking my ass all day until I just let go and went with what I saw in my head: an Inuit hunter, in a snow storm tracking his kill but lost in the frozen white around him so much that the hunter doesn't see himself getting hunted... fun! Tomorrow: DRAGON OH… Continue reading INKTOBER 2019 – Day 11 – SNOW

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This is my "FUCK YEAH" idea for a design... get it? Tomorrow: SNOW(What the...)

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So I started drawing this while watching this documentary on D&D art and fucking forget it, that made me go over the edge on this piece which was supposed to more simple. But again delving into the Dragonbreath world I made showing TORA ripping into a ghoul to defend Ridlee for the theme SWING. I… Continue reading INKTOBER DAY 09 – SWING

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The captain looked across the field. He knew he stood on ground but it felt like our meal that was barely holding his weight event with his graviton belt set perfectly for the surface. Clumps of it moved away and back and he saw clouds as thick as marshmallows pass before him and he heard… Continue reading INKTOBER DAY 08 – FRAIL

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INKOTBER 2019 DAY 07 "ENCHANTED" Okay so for the 7th day of this now begrudgingly pain in the ass ritual was ENCHANTED. I think I re-pencilled this like 3 times before settling on the above scene, only because it was something I could give a shit about. Featuring MERMOZ ™from DRAGONBREATH ™(A fantasy comic I… Continue reading INKTOBER DAY 07 – ENCHANTED

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Today theme: BUILD My hand hurt from how much crosshatching there was to develop the light from the welding arc. But it was worth it. I may clean this up a bit later but my main thing is to show this lone mad scientist, welding away on his death bot GARGANT. (Character for VIGIL) Here… Continue reading INKTOBER DAY 5 – BUILD