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STATION ID: The Creative Process, Inspirations, and Magazines

  1. Instagram: http://ift.tt/2FSOd07 The Creative process In a nutshell. Have a lot on my plate but, TOMMY Volume 2 Issue 1 is DONE! Come see it at C2E2 in April! Plus we have a Kickstarter coming for it by then too! Lots of news coming!, Till then we have 3 covers by the amazing

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TAKE THE HIT no.3 : This is the beat, move your ass

Ah, so many people are bitching and moaning about the Year already starting and the holidays are over, and that they miss 2014, and if not, how 2015 will be different, after they have waffles, and…. SHUT UP. Time to get back to work.  I know it sounds… asshole-ish. But there is something about the

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TAKE THE HIT no.2 : MERRY SOLSTICE and all that crap

Even though everything is supposed to be slow and laid back I’m still hard at work at my desks, trying this and trying that, hoping for new Year, and to get back to the relevance of THE WORK. It’s not “BAH HUMBUG” more like “Do you have anything else to do that doesn’t cost MONEY?!?” Miami

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