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Heather Rothman, Adam Fox, Kaye Delmar , and Yeti Meh-teh are just part of CHAOTIC NEUTRAL, a South Florida, studio dedicated to the sole purpose of creating art: comics, fiction, and crafts. They ARE DOING THE WORK! We had them here at Dapper 13 Tattoo/ The Goblins Heist Compound and talked comics, making comics, and selling comics! The do some erotic fiction

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LUNCH TIME: Mel Brooks dinner with Hitchcock

“Say Anything!” host Joy Behar talks with comedy legend Mel Brooks about his unusual friendship with Alfred Hitchcock—and what happened when Hitchcock decided to mentor Brooks during the production of the Hitchcock parody “High Anxiety.” Behar just gives me stomach pains listening to her, because she seems so disingenuous, but Mel, how can you not

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Feeling safe with DOKTOR SLEEPLESS

3 questions with Warren Ellis: 1.What is DOKTOR SLEEPLESS? A very long comics series. 2. How is DOKTOR SLEEPLESS? He hasn’t slept in about three years, may be completely psychotic, hates humanity and appears to be paying a sociopath to pretend to be his nurse.  But he has a lot of money.  So it’s okay.

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