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Sketchbook: Original X-men

I don't know about you but i actually dig the All-NEW X-men book. A lot of people are┬ápissed with the TIme Travel thing, and Battle of the Atom did sorta suck pretty big nads, but overall I thought it was cool to see this young team in the now, and not a reboot. Though I… Continue reading Sketchbook: Original X-men



STUFF I FIND: MEAD CRAYONS These I remember as a Kid.... I remember hating them, they sucked. They didn't have the color of Crayola... they were dull. The only good thing is that they had a nice grip. I found very little on MEAD Crayons, surprised because i know they made other stuff like folders… Continue reading STUFF I FIND: MEAD crayons

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San Diego Comic-con Wrap up

So, San Diego has come and gone again, and now it's time to look on to the rest of the year. Well, frankly, I am Comic-con-ed out! Whew! This years was awesome, and it was a first for me. I saw how big it all was last year, but this year? Jesus. No matter how… Continue reading San Diego Comic-con Wrap up

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Have you Accepted him as your Lord and Saviour?

(Thanks Hildy)