SUNDAY FUNDAY : Comics, Fires, and ROCK CANDY!

So originally I was going to make this exclusive on the Patreon blog but since I wanted to be sure for copyright sake this was posted somewhere and seen, I wanted to show some character concepts coming in the FWACATA quarterly book: ROCK CANDY, male stripper superhero doing right! So after stepping on a melted [...]

FWACATA podcast ep. 6 WOMEN IN COMICS? shouldn’t be a question

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Graphic Designers Multi-tool or Swiss Army Knife

I really can't believe nobody has done this. Just get a knife like this and you have everything to pretty much put together a mock up or work a stencil. I was thinking of putting either glue stick or two-face tape, but that could be just messy and bulky for it. I don't know if [...]


Kängnäve. I have been at the alter of this site for almost a week now. Run by an "Old dude who wants to blow up not grow up" it is just a fucking wellspring of Punk rock info. I have only skimmed some of the other article right now since I have decided to take [...]


Anonymous: and Wow the guy made the origami version of the mask. Nice. Here is Miami's location Church of Scientology of Florida 120 Giralda Avenue Coral Gables, FL 33134-5209 UNITED STATES Phone: 305 445-7812 Whats scary is the fact that on the<a href=""> locater of the website</a>, it;s kind of scary how many location they [...]