The Missing in Bloom

It was pain that didn't exist, something that was hurting before it's time. An ache that didn't exist, but all it did was make its presence known. That how the boy could best describe it. The old man looked at him for a bit, stroking his chin thoughtfully, smacking lips like he was about to [...]

TAKE THE HIT: some heart, some brain, and some liver

TAKE THE HIT: This week is about getting back to normal, again. When you go through life altering changes, be it in death and love, and everything in between, you have to find you medium, your normal, whatever that is. Many times it’s not Happiness either. Thats not the point. It’s about the OKAYNESS you need [...]


You are poisoned. You don't know it yet. It's deep inside and placed long ago. It will kill you You will feel ill before As it courses through Sometimes it on your lips  Sometimes in your brain But it's there. Someone put it there. In your first breath                [...]