STATION ID: The Blogosphere is dying and I feel fine..

I wanted a career as an artist. Now get me I am an artist, and I have one, but I wanted to be an ARTISTE: Working on my own visions unencumbered by the daily grind of peoples lives working my works towards some fanciful idea of life and love and the act of BEING so…

PRESS: Making comics in Miami » The New Tropic

Very cool interview of me and several of my fellow South Florida comic makers here: Making comics in Miami » The New Tropic. Little by little folks, it’s just a matter to Time and Comics.

LUNCH TIME: Making Shoes for Nearly 70 Years

MAKE | Frank Catalfumo: Making Shoes for Nearly 70 Years Look at those hands?!? Them are working man hands! Really cool mini-documentary on Frank Catalfumo, a shoemaker still busting ass after nearly 70 years. DAMN. 

LUNCH TIME: Making Puppets?

Making Puppets? “Try This At Home” « Nerdist Sooooooo want to make one now…Spent my lunch just thinking of different types to do.