FLORIDA SUPERCON: I will be here, you should join me, we can have THE FUN

It seem that my life sentence of comics has become even more challenging than I thought and now have a crap ton to upcoming events! The month of June is going to be a cruel mistress! So here is info in how you can find me: Creature Entertainment is coming to Miami for Florida Supercon… Continue reading FLORIDA SUPERCON: I will be here, you should join me, we can have THE FUN


ANIMATE MIAMI 2014 – This weekend!

I'll be at the CREATURE ENTERTAINMENT booth #938, selling copies of ZOmbie Years, Tommy, REZ, and a lot more. I will be doing sketches and such but probably not taking on too many commissions though, as my schedule is kind of nuts right now! Here is a recent commission I did btw:

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I always keep a sketchbook handy to one side, even have a scrap sketchbook,  just to draw off extra ink. It's in this in between process, that at times I draw stuff that I dig, but don't much sense. Originally this was a drawing of TOUCH, a character from VIGIL, whose body was so sensitive… Continue reading SKETCHBOOK: Extra Ink

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SKETCHBOOK: Why did she destroy us?

  I drew on top of a photocopy I found... I think...

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No time for speaking on the net. Plenty of reading, between blogs and boards, but no speaky. Believe me, I'm writing like crazy, but nothing to put up....yet. 2008. I am reviewing though, here and there. The first is here on Broken Frontier of the Manga "MPD Psycho". Rock

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…And you will know us by our trail of Nerds…

+ Nerd Chic and it's slow involvement with all things now: Mr. Cho, who has sprinkled his living space with action figures and anime creations, is one of a growing number of Canadians who view Spiderman and Transformer toys as acceptable accents to their home decor. "We've always idolized art in some way: now it's… Continue reading …And you will know us by our trail of Nerds…