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Look at this awesome monster by friend Tere! Guess who she gave it to? ME! YEAH! Look at it! I’m going to name him Marvy the Marvel Monster! He whispers to me to buy sketch covers I don’t want, and/or variant Covers that are too expensive!  

SKETCHBOOK: Master Spliter

In all the scenes I wrote for the TMNT/Daredevil mash up, one that really stuck was the idea of maybe the turtles enlisting Matt Murdock, maybe after he helps April O’Neil out of a jam she wa sin as a reporter, maybe to help hide their lair. It would be interesting later for the turtles,

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SKETCHBOOK: Daredevil’s power seems to lie in his NECK

Messing around, trying to get Daredevil down. In reality he’s a simple character that is hard to get RIGHT. It’s not the drawing of him, but the figure, and getting the figure to work. Visually his simplicity is what makes it so hard to finish. His neck looks like a pack of twisted hotdogs…. derp

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SKETCHBOOK: Dr. Strange, SorcerESS Supreme?

Sketch based on the awesome female cosplay I saw on the road of Dr. Strange! By Jennifer Van Damsel,  it actually worked out that the paint reacted with some gesso I had on there and “powdered” up so the bumps went well with some litho crayon I was using to draw.    

STUFF I FIND: Radiant Concentrated Watercolor – Dr. Martin

STUFF I FIND: Radiant Concentrated Watercolor – Dr. Martin, which I think are about 25-35 years old or so, and some are still good, but most were dried up husk. The bottles are nice and pretty heavy for such small color bottles. I remember seeing a picture of Jack Kirby at his desk doing one

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SKETCHBOOK: Miron whooping more ass

Again, more Miron sketches moving about, how he could clear the room using his abilities,  and trying to capture the precision and the power…