FWACATA EP. 10 – Megacon 2015 and Indie Press Panel

This week we focus on Megacon 2015 and Indie Press Panel held every year by the gregarious Terry Cronin and recorded crudely by me as a I sat with fellow creators Jeff Kaufman, Martin Pierro, Austin Janowsky, Martin Dunn, and Brian Pulido! We talk shop, the ins and outs of the indie world, and give… Continue reading FWACATA EP. 10 – Megacon 2015 and Indie Press Panel




MEGACON 2014 report: Damn that was cool…

Alright, so I made it back in one piece from the extensive, ORLANDO MEGACON. I know I'm making it seem like a big deal and you might be saying,  "geez dude, it was just a con" but for me it's a marathon of talking, selling, schmoozing, and networking, but I'm most tired from laughing so… Continue reading MEGACON 2014 report: Damn that was cool…

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EVENT: Orlando MEGACON 2014!

This weekend I will be at Orlando Megacon, signing the newest issue of TOMMY (issue 2!) and Zombie Years (Issue 9)  at CREATURE ENTERTAINMENT booth #732! So the Official Comic Convention Season takes off for us this year, starting out with Orlando Megacon this coming weekend! We will be out in full force with various… Continue reading EVENT: Orlando MEGACON 2014!

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SKETCHBOOK: A horrible drawing of Louis CK

Did this in a hotel room during Megacon while I waited for my partner to get ready and hit the town. It SUCKS. Like SUCKS. It's supposed to be Louis CK, but it look like an out of work Russian porn star. Ugh. I post this to show that everyone has bad days.   My God, it… Continue reading SKETCHBOOK: A horrible drawing of Louis CK

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THIS WEEKEND, come join us at MEGACON 2013! Hang out, Talk smack, and later hang for the DRINK & DRAW later, we'll be signing books, doing sketches, selling prints, etc.! Also you we'll be having a DRINK AND DRAW EVENT on Friday night! BOOZE and DOODLES, meng! EDIT: Just put a lot more links on… Continue reading YOU! ME! MEGACON 2013!