Okay so for the 7th day of this now begrudgingly pain in the ass ritual was ENCHANTED. I think I re-pencilled this like 3 times before settling on the above scene, only because it was something I could give a shit about. Featuring MERMOZ ™from DRAGONBREATH ™(A fantasy comic I have been kicking down the…

SKETCHBOOK: Mermoz gets a turn

sketches for the upcoming short I’m doing for Red Stylo’s KILLER QUEEN anthology, where’ I’m finally unleashing DRAGONBREATH, a fantasy comic, that’s Lord of the Rings meets Pulp Fiction, to the world.  

SKETCHBOOK: Mermoz is Iggy pop meets Legolas

You may finally meet the man behind my Medieval Fantasy Punk Rock story this October when I release a short for the KILLER QUEEN anthology! Starring Mermoz it’s a little 8 page ditty kind of exploring the world as I set it up. I’m thinking of just writing the series next year, looking at potential…

SKETCHBOOK: Mermoz (Marker)

Mermoz again, this time straight marker. I keep trying to make him an ugly pretty boy, but don’t if I’m succeeding too well, and not see it, or just failing enough for it to work…. you know?

SKETCHBOOK: Mermoz Guiliamet

Again another rendering, this time marker on gesso, was digging how it bled into the gesso. From DragonBreath Sorry for the lack of updates, but between Free Comic Book Day and Midnight Sandwich – Spider-man 2 event I had no time to get back here to update…