Always do your own Stunts

So, lets see what spazzed out today... So I'm messing around with the idea of doing a series of shorts to not only get my work out there, but also to make mini comics. I have a deep love for mini-comics, the zine looking comic lovingly hand folded and stapled together is such a cool [...]

SKETCHBOOK: Making an Arrest in VIGIL

....sigh.... to make a superhero comic in this market is absurd, I know, but damn do I love them.

SKETCHBOOK: MIME showing her moves

MIME from VIGIL showing her moves. This is character that overall, might be going back to the wrecking pile, only because really she doesn't fit as is, ANYWHERE. I'm thinking of certain rewrites for her, but I guess she's been there so long that it's really just to show her off more than develop her. Something to mull over.