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FWACATA Episode 11 – Determination versus Denominations

As we ramp our way up to C2E2, I take some time to reflect what it takes to do this thing, with some stories of the pat and thought on the future. In the middle of the storm, you gotta find your way, or it’ll be found for you. Creature Entertainment isn’t about the bottom

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REZ has only 10 DAYS TO GO! FULLY FUNDED, lets hit them STRETCH GOALS!

I am happy to say that REZ is fully funded and now we’re headed to the stretch goals with already one being fulfilled, a bonus sticker for everyone! I’m trying to a second issue to be reached, if we hit that EVERYONE WILL GET AT LEAST A DIGITAL EDITION OF THE SECOND ISSUE! CAN WE

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See | Juan Navarro AKA FWACATA

See | Juan Navarro Okay so I’m trying this thing out on See.me thing to get my work more out there, but overall I’m seeing about rising a bit more money to see about taking FWACATA.com into a pro mode and be able to do more with the site (podcast, post video, link instagram, etc) and bring more to you guys.

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