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This is sure as hell isn’t my best Elektra, but I was messing with idea of how to present her and show her, the basic look, movement, costume. etc. Again I wanted to mess with the idea of Elektra and her combat telepathy being used, and fighting Shredder, which I mention before, but also a

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More from my TMNT versus Daredevil fuck around project I was doing last February: I wanted to play up a scene between Shredder and Elektra fighting, her using her telepathy to sense his actions, but finding that oroku Saki had honed himself into a machine to pure strategy and action, moving as one. Hence the

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My favorite turtle of the Ninja variety: Why? A. He’s the smart techie one B. He has a bo staff, which is the most versatile of the weapons. C. Purple is a cool color You really don’t need more reasons than that to favor a Ninja Turtle. I drew ninja turtles for a week (

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SKETCHBOOK: Mike and Ralphael, TMNT re-designs

More Re-design sketches I did a while back. Like I said before on the Donatello piece, I wanted to show the personalities of the turtles a bit more. Originally  there was the idea of the costumes doing that, but found that it was better for them to subtly different physically too. Raphael, being more hard edged and a

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Yeah this was a little set up I wanted to do as a mini skit for an anthology. Never happened, but heh maybe?