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  ONLY $30.00 and you get an Exclusive Cover Print, plus Print/Digital format Comic combo: Get REZ #1 in both formats, with the print versions signed by the writer, Juan Navarro! Take it to Yoga class and like Sonia, tell people to #*$& OFF! when you're getting your chakras aligned! Stop people from cutting in front of you… Continue reading REZ T-SHIRT NOW AVAILABLE!

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…And you will know us by our trail of Nerds…

+ Nerd Chic and it's slow involvement with all things now: Mr. Cho, who has sprinkled his living space with action figures and anime creations, is one of a growing number of Canadians who view Spiderman and Transformer toys as acceptable accents to their home decor. "We've always idolized art in some way: now it's… Continue reading …And you will know us by our trail of Nerds…


God eggs!

God eggs!, originally uploaded by JuanNavarro. Perfectly symmetrical egg yolks... My girlfriend has the gift I tells ya!

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Art of the Occult

One of the things I like aboutthe net is the fact that you can explore and look at things that regularly you would never see, or would have to really stick your head into somewhere to get it. The Occult is one thing. I like occult items, eventhough I do not believe in most of… Continue reading Art of the Occult

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Thoughts on Obelisks

Thoughts on Obelisks, originally uploaded by JuanNavarro. Anybody? I see so many and yet nobody happens to say how they're supposed to tap into all this power and direct forces within the universe. The Washington monument? Obelisk. And on a Ley Line. But nobody points that out. Ideas?