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One thing I kept in combining both K&K and Dragonsbreath was that the Kuriouser would be brothers, and both would be inventors/artificers but in their own way. Surprisingly they became MORE Steampunkish, in the silly superficial way in a fantasy world than in  their own. Believe this started the train of thought of breaking it

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SKETCHBOOK: The Detective

An impromptu sketch that in the long run inspired the original incarnation of REZ, a book I’m writing right now with Johndell Snead doing the art. Will probably be running a kickstarter for it in February, but we’re really wanting to have 2 issues done before releasing ANYTHING. It’ll be a five issues series, later

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THIS WEEKEND! I will be at booth #510 this weekend! We will have the Graphic Novel for sale, collecting issues 1-5 or volume one, plus issues 1-2 (6-7) of volume 2! Prints also, I’LL BE SIGNING EVERYTHING AND GIVING DEALS LIKE MAD! Come on out and support! Also I’ll be doing a panel at –

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