I thought this was the other side…

"Every nation gets the government it deserves."-Joseph de Maistre

FWACATA podcast ep. 7 Why do you want a #comicsgate ?

TOTALLY forgot to post this here last week: With all the controversies in Comics right now, I ask, what are we getting for it? What are we doing with it? Is this just trumped up bullshit for ad sales, or are we getting to have a real conversation that helps us make comics better? Tune [...]

I don’t know about you….

Am I wrong to think: ...but i'm staying the fuck away from Japan. Alright let me explain: I feel there had been this recent rush to COPY Japan. Now I don't say this in a bad way, but I see it as a type of minor disgust idea. I have nothing against Japan. Love Japan. [...]

Guess what this is about?

I'm just going to comment on the original post and not the rest of the comments going on here: 1. First and foremost, if you have a concealed weapons permit, not matter in any state, you can not be anywhere near a place that serves liquor. You cannot attend any large gatherings with your gun, [...]

Thoughts today

+ Is the military using ANY robotics yet? You so many things in development (the Bear, Bleex, etc) but has their been any used currently? I mean get with the program! +Paris Hilton esta de pinga. CNN esta de pinga. Leave me alone. +Sarah Silverman, please be my Fairy Godmother. +Off to San Fran maƱana, [...]