Good God, Lemon, your breath! When did you find time to eat a diaper you found on the beach?

Watching 30 ROCK recently and I can't help but admire how good the show is. It's still funny, still poignant, still even relevant. Amazing. Its something to look at at as a piece of writing, and in developing MAGIC CITY it' something I want to get in there. Possibly. Okay, this is going to be [...]

Is complete idiocy a symptom?

Christ on a crutch, this week has been both a blur and a slog through mud, at least mentally! Who else feels this way? How are you guys? Here in Miami, Hialeah to be exact, where it rained pretty hard today and I found myself quoting old people around here, and saying "we needed it" [...]


Cartoon painting sketch for my Paying with Madness painting I have planned. I need to pull the trigger on this.


NO SLEEP TILL….. NYCC Kickstarter Campaign by Juan Navarro » FYI $150 pledge: THE FULL FWACATA EXPERIENCE! — Kickstarter. Get the full Juan Navarro experience ( which was barred in many states at one time) with this reward! The Drawing may even become a full painting for you to enjoy!