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STUFF I FIND: 60 Years old label from a roll of Tracing paper

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After reading, reading, Reading, Reading, reading, and READING on all these new limp-wristed manifesto about comics, I thought I would put in my two cents 1. Nobody gives a fuck. Most people want to read a book here and there, and are looking for a cool graphic or something "funky" or whatever. But in then… Continue reading The COMIC MANIFESTOS ARE FUCKING STUPID manifesto


Grim Grinning Grunt Papertoy

FYI, I'm a huge Papertoy fan. I don't know if it's the phat dsigns or the use of paper, the contstruction, the art aspect or the pain DIY feel of it, I dig Papertoys. Whnever I get a chance, I try to make one: I dug the overall shape that was made here. I did… Continue reading Grim Grinning Grunt Papertoy

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Office Monkey

Office Monkey, originally uploaded by JuanNavarro. Had nothing going on so decided to print out on of the awesome Paper toys from CUSTOM PAPER TOYS , specifically THIS  It' sin B&W and use onely office supplies so it's a little rickety