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Originally, I was really happy with this piece, but something was jarring the living hell out of me for it and I wondered what. Tonight getting home and looking at it again, it was clear: THE POSE SUCKS. He’s looking at straight on in the most static shitty pose ever. Ugh. I couldn’t stand it.

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FWACATA! podcast Episode 5 – Zombie Years

This episode, I talk to you about being an indie publisher in Diamond at the moment, and inside look into making comics, The Right way, The wrong way, and the Juan Navarro way while blabbing about ZOMBIE YEARS, my own comic series that is hitting ISSUE 10 next week. Call in with your questions 806-414-JUAN

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LUNCH TIME: IT”S A SAD OFF! with Sam and Anne!

Next week maybe a little silent around here as I’ll be busy with Holiday cheer, which consists of Lechon, Booze, and Laughing so I’ll leave you guy this week with some holiday fun with Samuel L.Jackson and Anne Hathaway being dicks. LUNCH TIME is my attempt to entertain you during your lunch break with something

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