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Where I lay my head is home…

…I know semi quoting Metallica’s “Wherever I may Roam” is like wearing a Hot Topic Misfits shirt while listening to Green Day, but it was apt for today. John and had hit the road, with Jeff  in tow, and there was this lull. This odd point at the beginning of the road to Tampa that

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Creature wins at the Miami 24 Hour Film Race | Creature Entertainment

Creature wins at the Miami 24 Hour Film Race | Creature Entertainment. We won “Audience Choice” last night for our short in the 24 Hours Film Race, which is sort of the best prize since it’s by the vote of our peers that we won which is humbling. Truly Happy! Now MOAR!

As the Elephant said to the ant: “Inch by Inch”

+Sketch from Moleskine I’ve been doing just in thinking and practice for VIGIL. Yeah I’m still kicking that can around. Have a new script and story, plot idea and such. Really massaging it a bit, to get the whole thing right. This is my baby. It won’t and probably isn’t like the best piece of

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