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The screens are looking back

THIS IS MY MOOD as of late. This picture and event encapsulates my current situation. I will leave this here for people to mull over. Nothing more. Grumble grumble… WUNDERLIST is going away, and I wonder what next task management thing am I going to use to ignore while working. I used it really more

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SKETCHBOOK: Concept Sketches – REZ

When working on REZ , one of my newer comics project in the works right, I still did lot sof sketching and drawing here and there. Even though this is my first writers only project  I’m still working on the look, the feel. Much of the time I let the pieces fall in place, mostly because the artist I’m working with like Johndell

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PROPHECY: The RePosters are coming

After working on a project for a very private and semi-famous group, I was sort of pissed that I could not garner more info about certain members. It wasn’t on Wikipedia, wasn’t on USEnet or any blogs or websites.They kept there lives a closed book. Which is fine, as it should be. But it was

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working on an IPAD now trying to see how feasible it is to make comics on this. It can be done but I wonder if it’s worth it. So far so good. And yeah I still hold Vigil near and dear to my heart as always.

and I hate you a bit more…

and I hate you a bit more…, originally uploaded by JuanNavarro. Have you seen these stickers of “Families” around. They’re just fucking retarded. It’s up there with “my kid is an Honor student” faggotry that parents put up. Guh. I’m thinking of making my own…. With a drunk dad beating his son…who is gay…while the

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