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SKETCHBOOK: The Pug, Justice has never been so Adorable!

Concept for a mutated Pug from Victorian times who saves the world today! WHAT?!? YEAH. Originally he showed in VIGIL, a webcomic I produced over 10 years ago on Graphicsmash.com and since then has been hiding in my sketchbook. I plan one day to back to it, but this time it would be more on

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SKETCHBOOK: Characters sketches, doodles, note taking

  Characters sketches, doodles, note taking as usual at my meetings, everything from THE PUG from VIGIL to Rat Bastard an OLD cartoon strip I was working on in the 90s, coworkers, Frank from ZOMBIE YEARS changing into a zombie, Kung fu and some gangsta shit.   

SKETCHBOOK: Elven Nautical Warrior and Manga Chibi Meathook

……aaaaaand we’re back. Sorry for the break but I was up to my neck in getting this year in order….