Instagram: http://bit.ly/2CS5gQR DAILY DRAW: COSMIC GHOST RIDER who is so huge now but really is one of those fat stack of fan fiction marvel has been doing which is cool and all but is a lot of fan service really. There’s not really a story here it’s sort of just this attention grab. Now that [...]

STATION ID: “… If you will it, Dude, It is no dream”

Words don't ring truer right now. Things are rough right now. Things are exciting right now. Yes, it's both, like the weather. We're supposed to be under a tropical storm warning right now, and it's actually quite nice outside. It rained like hell Saturday but yesterday and today were a breezy just gracious time. In all [...]

“Welcome Home, Frank” just​ finished watching the PUNISHER

Instagram: http://ift.tt/2hZffZB Just finished the PUNISHER on Netflix and let me tell you, for me personally one of the best Marvel series so far. It lagged a bit in some spaces but overall, amazing. I do have big thing to say but I think it's spoiler-ish so please if you wish to not know, stop [...]

SKETCHBOOK: You don’t know what it’s like to hate. To have your entire life become nothing more than an expression of hate. Nothing else matters. Nothing else can compare. Or taste as sweet

I love the PUNISHER. I always thought, if I had half a chance, I would just bring him back to basics. The current run is good, and shows him doing his thing, but I think it was Garth Ennis who brought us all a back to what is comes down to: PUNISHMENT. We want the [...]