Now of course, the second coolest is Raphael, the hard ass. I remembered the Image version of the Ninja Turtles, where he was scarred up and a cut, donning the Casey Jones Mask. I felt that was an elegant progression of the character, showing that cost of his body in the route of justice through [...]

SKETCHBOOK: Mike and Ralphael, TMNT re-designs

More Re-design sketches I did a while back. Like I said before on the Donatello piece, I wanted to show the personalities of the turtles a bit more. Originally  there was the idea of the costumes doing that, but found that it was better for them to subtly different physically too. Raphael, being more hard edged and a [...]


This is a techie google glass like version of Donatello, when I was messing around of doing the Turtles in a Portfolio. Have other designs in mind now, more subdued going back to their red mask and having them physically be different, but I did like the idea of Donatello carrying his tech with him, and that [...]