SKETCHBOOK: 5.BRO sketches

Coming this summer: 5.BRO! Hopefully. It's a side project that i have been messing around with as possible one shot full of Hialeah/Miami jokes. I don't think past Orlando many people will get it without having resided here in el ciudad de progresso, but for me it's just too fun to pass up. For anyone [...]


Marker on Spray paint sketch I did of a parrot that somehow came out looking like some hellish Devil Parrot....or maybe Parrots version of Satan? I don't know, but I'm sorry. Related articles Parrot Sunday ( Parrot Fish ( "I'm Not a Racist" Insists Satan ( Selling your soul to Satan: If your soul is [...]

SKETCHBOOK: Michaelangelo

Ugh, what can be said about Michelangelo, to me the most annoying turtle of all the TMNT. But you say "Juan, how could you?" and I would say "shut up, and hear me out"Lets put aside the ridiculous cowabunga clown idiocy from the cartoon, because that will stick most in your mind about him. No, let [...]


Now of course, the second coolest is Raphael, the hard ass. I remembered the Image version of the Ninja Turtles, where he was scarred up and a cut, donning the Casey Jones Mask. I felt that was an elegant progression of the character, showing that cost of his body in the route of justice through [...]


I have some ideas I've been churning around for a while for Steampunk book but it was never about the current aesthetic of steampunk where it's all Goggles and fucking top hats, but historical DIY and attitude, that proof that the past had balls and turmoil the idea of the power of analog. That kind [...]