I'm still Recovering. THAT WAS A GREAT SHOW! Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us SPECIAL EDITION NYC! It was cool to see people from NYCC last year there, even folks from C2E2 and Hartford! Plus it was awesome to make some new fans too! Thank you guys! Here are some shots from the show floor… Continue reading SPECIAL EDITION NYC con report

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After reading, reading, Reading, Reading, reading, and READING on all these new limp-wristed manifesto about comics, I thought I would put in my two cents 1. Nobody gives a fuck. Most people want to read a book here and there, and are looking for a cool graphic or something "funky" or whatever. But in then… Continue reading The COMIC MANIFESTOS ARE FUCKING STUPID manifesto

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ABout ABC, and idiots Steponoupolis and Gibson

I didn't need to tell me how bad those debate were, but I did sign thier petetion at the degrading antics of ABC: "The travesty of the American Media trying to cover this election is sad and ridiculous as is. But this, this debauchery of Steponopolous and Gibson, is just the peak of the… Continue reading ABout ABC, and idiots Steponoupolis and Gibson


Hobbits slinging Webs? Pumpkin Bomb Orcs?

Sam Raimi says he’s open to directing the ”Lord of the Rings” prequel, which could leave ”Spider-Man 4” without a director — and, perhaps, its Mary Jane. On the eve of what is expected to be the biggest Spider-Man yet, Entertainment Weekly learns that director Sam Raimi is seriously interested in directing The Hobbit, a… Continue reading Hobbits slinging Webs? Pumpkin Bomb Orcs?

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Cheney On DC Madam’s List

Cheney was CEO of Halliburton during the time of his liaisons with the Pamela Martin & Associates escort firm. Palfrey's phone invoices extend back to 1996 and include calls to and from Cheney. Ironically, in 2000 Cheney was appointed by Bush to head his Vice President selection committee I think the worst thing about this… Continue reading Cheney On DC Madam’s List


Karma is a bitch…

whose going to Jail. (Yeah I'm talking about Paris ) You never know maybe she'll come out a better person. thhhhhbbbbbbbbt! Let's just enjoy this.