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SKETCHBOOK: Notes from a Museum

Notes from the Art Institute of Chicago Museum, some years back… Yes I walk around and actually take notes on paintings and sometime research on them and yeah I’m not even taking a class. It’s important to research and find out more about artwork PAST jsut looking at it. There is another dimension there. I

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  FYI I have PINTEREST. I dig it as a way to cull through image, form ideas. Most of the time it’s silly shit, been using it too to collect ideas for a comic book shop I would love to build, or Steampunk Articles I’m illustrating, or Cosplay I really like. I also don’t put in anything

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Democratic Republic of Beer – Miami, FL

After a night out on the Wynwood Art Walk, and bumping into some friends, we decided to hit this place, especially after I was told of numerous beers and such. We decided to sit outside so we could smoke and all that. Overall, very good service, attentive staff, and yes, A SHITLOAD OF BEER. I

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