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    Look at this awesome monster by friend Tere! Guess who she gave it to? ME! YEAH! Look at it! I’m going to name him Marvy the Marvel Monster! He whispers to me to buy sketch covers I don’t want, and/or variant Covers that are too expensive!  


    One thing I kept in combining both K&K and Dragonsbreath was that the Kuriouser would be brothers, and both would be inventors/artificers but in their own way. Surprisingly they became MORE Steampunkish, in the silly superficial way in a fantasy world than in  their own. Believe this started the train of thought of breaking it…

  • SKETCHBOOK: Wand Smoke

    Deadwood meets Lord Of the Rings idea I had. Cheesy but fun, no?  

  • SKETCHBOOK: SEAHORSE or better Hippocampus abdominalis Man

    At one time a sea-faring superhero equivalent for Aquaman in the Pages of VIGIL (mentioned as part of the FLJ) it was originally modelled after some Aquatic races from an old 2nd Edition D&D campaign idea I had, mentioned here, and were possible model for a half-giant aquatic race. This of course came from the fun…

  • SKETCHBOOK: KAZA, Dwarven Priest of Magic

    KAZA was Dwarven Pariah ( 2nd Edition Dwarven handbook) I made once, and revisited here in this sketch (should have Blocked in the blacks) . I always thought of all the Priest/Cleric you could be, a Priest of Magic has to be, in the long run, the most powerful. I mean, I remember it being said/written once, that the most powerful…

  • SKETCHBOOK: Brrrrrooooooooding….

    Bro! Quitate la cara esta! Typical brooding hero guy with Scar on his face…. want to slap him with my dick.