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SKETCHBOOK: The power of Invulnerability

Here is a sketch of Miron, a villain from my long gone Webcomic, VIGIL, from some time ago. I liked him because basically it was the Hulk with brains  someone just possessing Invulnerability and Super strength ( which you could argue goes hand in hand) but using his wits with them, not just brutal power, but finesse. Imagine someone who has the strength of a

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SKETCHBOOK: The City of Borel – Harbor

Had the idea a while back to have an exchange harbor, where the player-characters could hang around in, surrounded by various nationalities and species, while both airships and boats form all around come in and out. Old Magic, new Sorceries, Fringe Sciences, and Odd Cultures combining in one place.

SKETCHBOOK: The City of Borel

At 0ne time, when I was playing D&D more often, I was also illustrating for various D20 magazine and publishers that popped up at the time, its was a RPG boom of sorts. Afterwards I started making my own work and module and soon came up with a world and all that and decided to draw ideas

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