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Best Use of Powers, EVER

Best use of Powers anywhere. Just pick a panel.

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Vigil, This last weekend

Page form this weekend's VIGIL. I'll be putting in the last pages this weekend (hopefully) and then most likely take a break over the summer.

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Kuriouser Bros 01

Kuriouser Bros 01, originally uploaded by JuanNavarro. Watercolor draft of my next comic book project, Kuriouser & Kuriouser, a Steampunk comic I'll be doing in the fall. Find it on

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Vigil layouts

Vigil layouts, originally uploaded by JuanNavarro. Here you can VIGIL for the 2 weekends coming together. I'm ending a big storyline before taking a break over the summer and just didn't want to have to play catch up later. These are really 2 pages from the script, divided in 4, for both mobility and layouts.… Continue reading Vigil layouts

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Webcomics = Terrorism? Whaa?

Matt Boyd, writer of MacHall and Three Panel Soul loses job due to saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Is this the climate of fear we're stuck living in? oh, God. I'm actually SCARED now. I work for an airline, and even though I do comics of fucking talking DOGS with Machine Guns… Continue reading Webcomics = Terrorism? Whaa?

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This week in VIGIL