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I love the idea of Robin Hood Character, but instead of being some ambiguously “good” dude with some shoddy mean streak what if he was truly an independent character causing problems for both Good and Bad depending on your agenda. I’m gonna fuck with it a bit more for VIGIL later on.

I need an Iced Coffee I.V. drip or a friggin Time Machine

+At the shop trying to mill my way through a couple of small things. Recently had a big outage with my Macbook, which didn’t let me scan or print for shit. You couldn’t believe the anger bubbling in me over this. Luckily I got it working, have been chugging along, albeit a bit slow, until

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As the Elephant said to the ant: “Inch by Inch”

+Sketch from Moleskine I’ve been doing just in thinking and practice for VIGIL. Yeah I’m still kicking that can around. Have a new script and story, plot idea and such. Really massaging it a bit, to get the whole thing right. This is my baby. It won’t and probably isn’t like the best piece of

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