So today was HUSKY... and all I could think of was being a fat little kid and my mom buying me fat boy corduroy jeans. I think no one wants that So I drew a mutant husky instead. Because.... that so much better. NEXT UP: ENCHANTED


I was trying to think is some cool funny thing to draw for the theme but... brush hit paper and Batman's cold nemesis Mr.Freeze just showed up so I ran with it. Get wash made from mixing a white and black ink to get solid-ish gray I've been using. NEXT UP: BUILD


Instagram: DAILY DRAW: COSMIC GHOST RIDER who is so huge now but really is one of those fat stack of fan fiction marvel has been doing which is cool and all but is a lot of fan service really. There’s not really a story here it’s sort of just this attention grab. Now that [...]

MONDAY MOTIVATION: Alone versus Lonely

This episode will be exploring ide between alone and lonely and what you can do to differentiate those two things and how you can empower yourself and not be ruled by it but also pay attention and know what to do. Also some comic reviews on old lady Harley and Naomi from DC comics and [...]

2019 Of Creative Pursuits and things of that nature …

HAPPY 2019! Back at it again in 2019 with the new year new ideas here to inspire and get you guys moving and have you accomplish your creative dreams take a listen and let me know if you need more. For a comic book artist, comedians, designers, any type of creative! Check out the podcast [...]

STATION ID: and knowing is half the WHAT AM I DOING? NOOOO

So I'm doing JOEVEMBER and what is that? After INKTOBER decided it's good to have a type of drawing regime everyday no matter how small. It's keep s the Brian going and this has already made my brain pump new ideas with new approaches. I find that alongside my current working out (yes I'm going [...]