STATION ID: Drowning in Ink

Doing this mid week, and when it will go out will be a whole other matter, but decided to start now. Want to see about what i could write about, going forward, and wanted to list them here rather than just do them in notes and have it lost forever. SUPERMAN sketchcard Along the [...]


(Late in the day but not late!) Yes this is all that came to mind and went with it. It wasn't the idea of Bait but what happens after that came to me. The hook in mouth... Tomorrow? FREEZE


Been working on sketches for the REWARDS from our KICKSTARTER and decided to post a link here: CREATURE ENTERTAINMENT STUDIOS by Juan Navarro » CHUGGING ALONG — Kickstarter. We've been UBER busy lately with wrapping up a feature film and second issues for RAVENOUS, TOMMY, and THE GUN, while working on some new work for the horizon. [...]