Always do your own Stunts

So, lets see what spazzed out today... So I'm messing around with the idea of doing a series of shorts to not only get my work out there, but also to make mini comics. I have a deep love for mini-comics, the zine looking comic lovingly hand folded and stapled together is such a cool [...]

SKETCHBOOK: Snakeboy, The Serpenteen

I think every comic artist has like High school characters they made. Everyone has some universe or some stupid bloated epic tale they wanted to tell, and then saw that it had ALL BEEN DONE BEFORE, to then they drop it. I had plans in their that would make the Infinity Crisis look like a [...]

SKETCHBOOK: The Anarch Archer

I wanted to make a really pissed off Robin Hood Type character, sort of an extreme Oliver Queen, and hence made the Anarch Archer. I know not a fucking brainiac of an idea, but it was something I wanted to mess with.


(From Left to right: Meathook, Mime, The Pug, Snakeboy, Ghettoblaster, One-Way, Chromus, The Anarch Archer) ) THE GODZ: this was the central cast, mostly made up of the typical superhero things you come up with in High School but I always came back and drew more of. I kept refining and adding and taking away [...]

SKETCHBOOK: The Entropy Guild

(From Left to right: Broc, Jackie, Tesla, Miron, Manslaughter, Stretch, Rollos, Pokerface) Of course if you are going to have the FLJ, you'll need to have some bad guys right? The Entropy Guild was going to be nothing more than leftover mob bosses who happened to be super powered, until they were taken over by [...]