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Heather Rothman, Adam Fox, Kaye Delmar , and Yeti Meh-teh are just part of CHAOTIC NEUTRAL, a South Florida, studio dedicated to the sole purpose of creating art: comics, fiction, and crafts. They ARE DOING THE WORK! We had them here at Dapper 13 Tattoo/ The Goblins Heist Compound and talked comics, making comics, and selling comics! The do some erotic fiction

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FWACATA podcast ep. 6 WOMEN IN COMICS? shouldn’t be a question

Florida Geek Scene: Home of our new Review show! FWACATA store! Creature Entertainment’s Store! Awesome Female creators: Amanda Conner Gail Simone Kate Leth Becky Cloonan Faith Erin Hicks Fiona Staples Local Awesomeness: Theresa Bramblett Banksy Zipper-tan Heather Rothman Awesome links: @blackgirlnerds Reverie Sketch Group

REVERIE Sketch Group 01/26/15 – NINJA NIGHT!

Reverie Sketch Group is a figure and portrait drawing workshop meeting roughly every two weeks in South Florida. Created and hosted by Jeff Dekal, the group is open to anyone with interest in getting together and sketching the figure, exchanging ideas, and just being inspired. The other night was NINJA NIGHT, with the super talented

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THIS FRIDAY: Not of This Earth: An Extraterrestrial Art Invasion

Not of This Earth: An Extraterrestrial Art Invasion – Bear and Bird Boutique + Gallery.I have a small but fun piece for this show. I dug it. I will be there for a bit make an appearance and head out, I have this weekend of making COMICS yo! Why? Well: 24 Hour Comics Day! Yeah

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Stuff i’m doing

This Weekend! We will be at Booth #702 alongside our brothers in the independent Press section with various books to show, new original art, and preview to upcoming projects. The Creature team will be  Jose Varese (Ravenous, Chronicles of FARO, and The Gun), John Ulloa (Writer Ravenous, Tommy, The Gun)  and Myself (Zombie Years, Rez, and TOMMY)  and

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THIS WEEKEND, CREATOR OWNED EXPO! This a really cool con of all the local creators and makers of comics in the area, you should really check it out and get to know the scene! It’s going to be all day Saturday, I will be doing panels that day on publishing, making comics, yadda, yadda, yadda! I will

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