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STATION ID: “… If you will it, Dude, It is no dream”

Words don’t ring truer right now. Things are rough right now. Things are exciting right now. Yes, it’s both, like the weather. We’re supposed to be under a tropical storm warning right now, and it’s actually quite nice outside. It rained like hell Saturday but yesterday and today were a breezy just gracious time. In all

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MEGACON 2014 report: Damn that was cool…

Alright, so I made it back in one piece from the extensive, ORLANDO MEGACON. I know I’m making it seem like a big deal and you might be saying,  “geez dude, it was just a con” but for me it’s a marathon of talking, selling, schmoozing, and networking, but I’m most tired from laughing so

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SKETCHBOOK: She’s not amused…

I think I was drawing with ink, from a picture and messed up big time. I had left this drawing, then came back to it, and finished with what I have. Sometimes I wish I could hit it at this level ALL THE TIME. I think thats the secret in drawing sometimes, being able to

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