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SKETCHBOOK: Elven Nautical Warrior and Manga Chibi Meathook

……aaaaaand we’re back. Sorry for the break but I was up to my neck in getting this year in order….

SKETCHBOOK: The Gay Werewolf

Later in the FUNDEAD/Dead Listing comic I was thinking the werewolf could be gay….why? WHY NOT?

SKETCHBOOK: Dead Listing/Fundead, Ben, the Zombie Foodie

Yep, lots of deep thinking there. I think I stopped doing this and along came an offer with similar premise called Dead Listing, and I was just super surprised. I think I tired to get going that series, but it was one of those crappy gigs where the writer drops out for months on end

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SKETCHBOOK: Sticks and Stones

At one time I was developing an RPG/Comic Book called Dragonbreath, which had the first issue drawn out. I wasn’t sure of it too much and had ever evolving changes through out, but I want to do in the vein of Skullkickers, Oglaf, and Downer comics. Kind of a pulp Fiction/Inglorious Bastards meets D&D with

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