Hey Juan, tell me about Ricky Martin

http://mrgdtrps80780.podomatic.com/swf/joeplayer_v18b.swf In today's episode we go off script and shoot from the hip. A lot of shots are towards Justin Bieber though and to young people who were fortunate enough to grow up with the internet and didn't have to take two buses across town to buy a Metal CD. http://mrgdtrps80780.podomatic.com/swf/joeplayer_v18b.swf PodOmatic | Best Free [...]


Remember G.L.O.W.? Glorious Ladies of Wrestling? I wanted to do just a crazy ass crossover of that, M.U.S.C.L.E. Things, and FLCL (FOOLY COOLY!) and have, of course,  insane wrestlers show up. I wanted it to be all women and a real fuck around Female driven piece. But then again, it's also a chance to draw [...]

ABout ABC, and idiots Steponoupolis and Gibson

I didn't need Moveon.org to tell me how bad those debate were, but I did sign thier petetion at the degrading antics of ABC: "The travesty of the American Media trying to cover this election is sad and ridiculous as is. But this, this debauchery of Steponopolous and Gibson, is just the peak of the [...]